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Born May 31, 2022

Roxie is an intelligent girl with a desire to

please. She loves to be with people and is

good with children. She enjoys play, but

has a good off switch. Roxie has done well

in learning the basic commands of sit,

stay, lie down and walking on the leash.

She will make an excellent companion in

the home, on your morning run, or with

continued training, a good service dog.


conquest labradors Chocolate labrador dog

River & Boone
Fox Red Puppies
September 20

conquest labradors labrador dog

1st Pick Male: Sold/ Wayne D.

2nd Pick Male: Sold/ Adam G.

3rd Pick Male: Sold/ Kallin/Michael C.

4th Pick Male: Sold/ Jeff T.

5th Pick Male: Sold/ Austin L.

6th Pick Male: Sold/ Frankie G.

conquest labradors labrador dog
The Boys

Zina & Boone
Fox Red Puppies
Born October 5


1st Pick Male: S0ld/ Theresa R.

2nd Pick Male: Sold/ Justin T.

3rd Pick Male: Sold/ Sue S

4th Pick Male: Sold/ Darr M.

5th Pick Male: AVAILABLE $1,500

6th Pick Male: AVAILABLE $1,500

7th Pick Male: AVAILABLE $1,500

1st Pick Female: Sold/ Marian G.

2nd Pick Female: Sold/ Sara M.

3rd Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

conquest labradors labrador dog
conquest labradors labrador dog

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