Miss Zina & Boone

Fox Red Puppies 

Born November 27th

1st Pick Male:Sold/ Joe R.

2nd Pick Male: Sold/ Laurie P.

3rd Pick Male: Sold/ Justin R - Lorina

4th Pick Male: Available $1200

5th Pick Male: Available $1200

6th Pick Male: Available $1200

7th Pick Male: Available $1200

8th Pick Male: Available $1200

The Boys

Yosha & Duke of Earl

Yellow Puppies 

Born December 8th

1st Pick Female:Sold/ Tanya F.

2nd Pick Female: Available $900

3rd Pick Female: Available  $900

4th Pick Female: Available  $900

5th Pick Female: Available  $900

6th Pick Female: Available  $900

7th Pick Female: Available  $900

8th Pick Female: Available  $900

9th Pick Female: Available  $900

1st Pick Male:Sold/ Matt C.

2nd Pick Male:Sold/ Bryan S.

3rd Pick Male: Available    $900

The Boys

The Girls

Bella & Bullet

Silver Puppies

Born on January 1st

1st Pick Female:Sold /Micah & Rachel C.

2nd Pick Female: Available:$1,000

3rd Pick Female: Available:$1,000

1st Pick Male: Available:$1,000

2nd Pick Male: Available:$1,000

3rd Pick Male: Available:$1,000

4th Pick Male: Available:$1,000

5th Pick Male: Available:$1,000

6th Pick Male: Available:$1,000

7th Pick Male: Available:$1,000

8th Pick Male: Available:$1,000

The Girls

The Boys

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