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Available Puppies

Holly & Boone
Fox Red Puppy
Born October 27

Male : AVAILABLE $1,500

Labrador Retriever walking through snow
Fox red lab puppy on grey  rug
Red Labrador Retriever standing on lawn
River & Boone
Fox Red Puppies
 Born November 12

1st Pick Male: Sold/ Macy S.

2nd Pick Male: AVAILABLE $1,500

1st Pick Female: Sold/ Bonita S.

2nd Pick Female: Sold/Erin M.

3rd Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

4th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

5th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

6th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

7th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

8th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

9th Pick Female: AVAILABLE $1,500

Red Labrador Retriever on lawn
Male labrador standing in fallen leaves
Newborn puppies on white blanket

The Boys

Red lab puppies for sale
Dark red puppies sleeping on soft white rug

The Girls

Heading 6

     Hank is returning to us because of health

  issues his owner is facing. He is 5 months old,

 housebroken and a very smart boy. Hank would     be perfect if you want a young dog but not the

work of housebreaking!



This photo taken September 25, we will be adding current photo soon.

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